DOMS my old frenemy

9 Apr

Oh DOMS, my old friend, my old foe.

I welcome you into my body but with dread and a clenched jaw. You see, you hurt, sometimes a lot, sometimes just enough, sometimes you make me laugh because if I didn’t I would cry. Especially after a heavy leg day. Sometimes I miss you and sometimes I think I’m crazy.

You are a preventer, from undoing bras, from sitting on the toilet in a dignified manner, from getting off of a couch without gasping. But you are also a giver, you give me muscle (in a roundabout way) and for that I am thankful, you bring me closer to my goal; everyday I feel you is a day closer to my dream. You are a reminder, if you’re not there you remind me to go heavier, do it better, do it bigger, you remind me that I worked hard and am earning my rewards.

Most of all, you remind me of what I have achieved- thank you old friend. I shall be feeling you again soon.


Progression Pictures

2 Apr

Progression Pictures

The one of me in the blue is 3 weeks post-baby, the other is me at 6 months post – baby. Slowly but surely getting there, and looking at these photos, I’m pretty pleased with myself. 22kgs down and 9kg to before my body is in a happy place.

It’s PROGRESS people!!

6 Mar

The day my daughter turned 6 months old I weighed myself for the first time in a month or so (I don’t keep a weighing schedule- because I measure my gains in other ways) and I was shocked and elated to see that I had lost 22kg (48lbs) since Bonnie’s birth. I did a mental high five and proceeded to flounce into the weights room and knock out one of my best workouts yet. Oh yeah and I told almost everyone I know. 

Now I only have 10 kgs (22lbs) to go until I’m at my pre-baby weight. This result has given me the extra motivation I need to stay consistent with my eating, which doesn’t always happen (helloo 4 squares of pizza) and my training. I want to be a strong, fit mama who makes her daughter proud and want to be strong too. With results like that, I’m on my way. 

Photos to come

Look at me! – Fit Mom Confessions: The Truth About Health, Fitness, And Motherhood

30 Jan

A really great article with sound advice and good tips. It sums up a lot of my own thoughts and feelings. Take a look. – Fit Mom Confessions: The Truth About Health, Fitness, And Motherhood.

What Women Starting Out Need To Know About Training | Cut and Jacked

22 Jan

What Women Starting Out Need To Know About Training | Cut and Jacked. A great general article, remember that everyone has to start somewhere and even the great Arnold had a day 1.

I am not a failure, I am under construction.

21 Jan

I haven’t written for a little while (failed a resolution already) but I really wanted to take the time to reflect on 2012 and make a strategy for this year as you know what they say, ‘a goal without a plan is just a dream’. Dave Ramsey is right, so I felt that I earned a little time to think back and revisit what I want from this life.

Rather than posting all my goals or resolutions for this year I thought I would share a select few and how I’m making plans to achieve them, this may help you with yours or at the very least add to the 988 Million results on google for ‘New Years Resolutions 2013’.


Number One: Stop relying on google for diagnoses and random facts about my baby or myself, start trusting my own mothering instincts and re-train my brain to hold information for longer than 3 minutes.

Number Two: Stop giggling when reading out loud the words ‘number two’. In essence, start growing up a little bit, this means wearing more age appropriate attire and get a hair cut, unfortunately it also means I have to go back to work (cue sad face).

Number Three: Be able to do at least 1 pull up UNASSISTED which will result in associated feelings of bad-assery and strutting around the gym without embarrassment for the remainder of that workout.

Number Four: Be able to do at least 1 dip UNASSISTED which will result in the above being repeated probably for the rest of the week.

Number Five: Write more, even if its a paragraph I feel as though my mental capacity is diminishing at a rapid rate. I even had to look up how to form that sentence, thus violating resolution/ goal number one.

There’s loads more including making it to my local high school oval for plyometric leg training and sprints twice a week, as well as jogging 3km in 15 minutes like I used to be able to, an important one I think is also to give myself a break. I am a bridesmaid in 6 weeks time, I still don’t fit into the dress and instead of hyperventilating, I’m going to remember that I put on a LOT of weight (30kg) in my pregnancy and I’m doing my darndest to lose it. What I’m not going to do is beat myself up if I don’t go to the gym for two days in a row or eat a burger once in that week because attaching a negative association about food, exercise or myself isn’t going to help me lose the weight and get fit again. Telling myself its ok to falter but its even better to pick yourself up and do better will help to keep a positive mindset and get me to the gym.


As you can see from my photo I used to be quite fit, so I know I can do this and I’ve set about making plans to achieve it.

I lay my clothes out for the gym and pack the baby bag the night before so I don’t have any excuses for not going to the gym, I write on the calendar the days I’m going to the gym or to do sprints and cross them off when I’ve done them (Im a huge fan of crossing things off, lists, calendars.. you name it!). I also make sure the kitchen is well stocked so I don’t feel the need to buy something to eat.

One of the most important things that I have been doing is taking measurements and photos. This is because I think the scales can be liars, as they don’t take into account your body composition. My weight hasn’t changed on the scales for two months BUT I’ve lost 7 cms from each of my thighs and I can fit into my pre baby jeans AND do the zip up without bulging out everywhere. Photos are important because you can’t see what you look like from behind, I can tell from looking at the photos from when I was 8 weeks post partum to now I have lost the back boobs and you can actually see my waist.

The take home message I want for you all is to have goals and dreams because that is what gives your life passion, but I also feel that to accomplish them gives you a sense of self-worth and achievement that nothing else can. Get out there and start planning for your success!

When life gives you lemons – make lemon protein bars?

6 Jan

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